'We Are On The Wrong Side Of This Storm,' Says Governor Cooper

Sep 12, 2018

Hurricane Florence is nearly upon coastal North Carolina.  While the system lost some strength Wednesday, Florence is still a life-threatening, historic storm.

Meteorologists now say the Cape Fear region is likely to see the northeastern side of Florence. 

"We are on the wrong side of this storm where most of the damage is done."

Governor Roy Cooper at a press conference last night: 

"The forecast tells us that Florence’s storm surge will drown many homes.  Expert modeling here at North Carolina Emergency Management shows us storm surge alone is likely to flood tens of thousands of structures."

Cooper and local officials say whether the storm makes landfall here or not doesn’t mean she won’t do serious damage.  Florence is packing powerful winds that will down power lines and trees.  The heavy, sustained rainfall is expected to flood rivers and low-lying grounds.  Rivers will continue to rise long after the rain stops.

"We expect this storm to be with us for days."

More shelters are opening today across the state.