Wave Transit Adds Stops to Brunswick Connector

Wilmington, NC – The Brunswick Connector will start making trips Monday to a Leland shopping center and Belville government building.

The Brunswick Connector will include the Walmart Shopping Center in Leland and the Belville government building in its route. The Brunswick connector had not previously included a stop in Belville.

The Columbus County connector has new stops at the Leland Industrial Park and the Delco Plaza in Shallotte.

Wave Transit Planner Matthew Kunic says customer demand made the change necessary.

We wanted to take efforts to make the routes as efficient as possible with the expanding Leland area. Had those plazas and areas of Leland not expanded how they had, the routes may have stayed the same. But we needed to adapt to the changing areas in Leland there.

Kunic says the new Brunswick connector stops will not lengthen the hour-long round-trip to Wilmington.