Soup to Nuts Live! Photo and Video Recap: Mac & Juice Quartet

Mar 19, 2014

One audience member at the March 6th Soup to Nuts Live performance by the Mac & Juice quartet commented online: “What an amazing performance! Had no idea of this band's depth and talent. I've seen 20+ Soup shows, and this was easily the finest. WHQR, you hit this one out of the park!” To that, we say, stay tuned. We've got more to come for Soup to Nuts Live! 

Mac & Juice Quartet @ WHQR


We wanted you to be able to experience, if in small part, the incredible evening we had with Mac and Juice. The live recording of this show will air on Friday and Saturday, April 4th and 5th at 9PM. Tune in!  We hope you enjoy these photos and a video of the performance. Find more photos in WHQR's Facebook Gallery!