Soup to Nuts LIVE!: David Bolton & Logie Meachum - February 22nd

Feb 13, 2018

David Bolton & Logie Meachum are our next guests for Soup to Nuts LIVE! on Thursday, February 22nd, in the MC Erny Gallery. Doors open at 6:30pm, and the show starts at 7:30pm.

With musical influences that stretch back to his childhood and a chance encounter with Warren Haynes during his college days at Appalachian State University, David Bolton has cultivated a lifetime of learning with a love of guitar, only to yield a greater curiosity of the world around him. In doing so, he's paired off with blues musician and natural storyteller, Logie Meachum, known to captivate an audience of any size with true tales of individuals who have walked alongside of him during his long life, including Guitar Slim, Maya Angelou, and gospel musician John Surrat. On stage, they musically 'cook with grease' and remind us of the culture that shapes our world and the people who inspire us to do greater good. Sit back and enjoy - you're gonna love this episode of WHQR's Soup To Nuts Live!

Reserve your seats ahead of time by emailing!