School Closures Raise Questions About Child Nutrition, Care, And Learning

Mar 16, 2020

There are 33 presumptive cases of novel Coronavirus in North Carolina.  While all schools in the state will remain closed for at least two weeks, the move raises real concerns about child welfare.

When schools close, what happens to children who rely on school for nutritious meals and a safe place to go?

Dr. Elizabeth Tilson is the state Health Director.  She says a work group on childcare, nutrition, and learning, is trying to address those questions.

"Over the weekend, when the Governor discussed having the K-12 schools closed, that was a really hard decision.  There’s a lot of things to think about – if you’re closing schools.  One – you want to make sure that children continue to learn.  Two – you want to make sure that children have safe places to be.  And three – that children have food to eat."

The work group, which is across the Department of Health and Human Services and the Department of Public Instruction, is working on how to provide those support services.