Roads Are Dangerous And Getting Worse

Sep 15, 2018

Stay off the roads.  They are not safe, and they are getting worse.  That’s the urgent travel alert from North Carolina officials and those in the Cape Fear region.  

"Powerful torrents of water are flooding homes, wiping out roads and sweeping away cars in North Carolina.  These cruel floodwaters are life-threatening and destructive."

That’s Governor Roy Cooper.  He says driving on roads at risk of flash-flooding is also not only dangerous for the driver; it’s putting first responders at risk.

"Don’t make yourself someone who needs to be rescued."

State officials say roads are getting worse with every passing minute.  Even roads that historically don’t flood are at risk in the coming days.  The storm has already shut down portions of I-95 and I-40. 

"Roads you think may be safe can be washed away in a matter of minutes."

Just a few inches of water can sweep away a car. And remember, if a traffic light is out, treat it as a four-way stop. 

Many businesses, local government offices, and public schools will be closed this week.