Representative Catlin Defeats Challenger in Race for NC House of Representatives District 20

Nov 5, 2014

Republican Rick Catlin will return for a second term to the North Carolina House of Representatives.  Challenger Betsy Jordan lost District 20 to Catlin by a 24% margin. 

Representative Catlin says he received positive feedback regarding his first term while out on the campaign trail:

"One of the things that I’ve really worked on is making sure that we’ve got clean drinking water and protecting our environment.  Our river source protection program from our coal ash spill, I got that passed.  I’m working on some vocational programs so we can get rid of that twenty percent drop out rate we’ve got.  Lowered taxes and got teachers pay raises.  And there’s still a lot more to do."

Betsy Jordan says that no matter the outcome, she views her campaign as a victory: 

"Whether we win or lose, we’re still winning.  We shaped a debate about film incentives.  We had some people jump on board that wouldn’t have been on board.  We had the needs of a community heard.  So, regardless."

District 20 covers much of the northern portion of New Hanover County.