A "Record" Donation to WHQR!

Jun 7, 2012

Every now and then you may hear a WHQR announcer say "This CD was part of a major donation by Lee Fetner and Jeff Wingfield."  Major, indeed!  Lee and Jeff recently donated their entire collection of about 1350 classical CDs to the station.  This is not only a huge addition to our 7000-CD classical library, it’s the biggest single donation of CDs to WHQR of all time.

WHQR’s Pat Marriott spoke with Jeff Wingfield.  "I’ve been collecting for about 20 years," said Jeff.  "We moved to Wilmington about 5 years ago, started listening to WHQR, and became members."  Wingfield is also a volunteer.

"Technology changes," said Jeff, "and for a lot of reasons I found that I wasn’t looking through my collection and putting the CDs in the machine any more.  When I played them myself, it was always the same old favorites.  When I tune into WHQR, the selection is more adventurous and I hear things I’ve never heard before.  I’d rather have people like you playing them for me."

Thank you for that compliment, Jeff, and thank you both for your "record" gift.  The whole WHQR family will be enjoying your collection for years to come.