Protesters Make A Point At State GOP Convention

Jun 4, 2017

More than 1,000 Republican delegates attended the GOP Convention this weekend in Wilmington. Also, around 40 protestors gathered to express their view. 

(chanting) “This is what democracy looks like! No it’s not……" 

As hundreds of Republican delegates met inside the Convention Center, dozens of protestors chanted outside on the sidewalk.

Protestors wanted to have their voices heard.

“I’m just a concerned citizen who came out here because we finally got to speak to the Republicans, we got them to come out, just by a few of us. So just think what we could do with more of us getting together." 

“Probably the primary thing that brings me out today is my concern for what is happening to the planet, and the peril its been put into by President Trump, withdrawing from the climate agreement with Paris, that’s the top of the list.”

The protest was peaceful, with both sides lobbing chants across the street at each other.