Prologue: "Pretty Much" with Author Betty Bell Brown

Apr 17, 2019


Monday, May 13th

The MC Erny Gallery


On Monday, May 13th, at NOON in the MC Erny Gallery, Ben Steelman of Wilmington's StarNews will sit down with author Betty Brown, who has written the memoir “Pretty Much” about her South Carolina girlhood.

The story covers more than a century from Clara’s birth to daughter Betty’s life today. Clara’s boundless energy wasted into frivolity in an era when expectations hemmed her into a life too small to hold her. The prospects for women and what it means to exercise independence have changed a lot over one hundred years, but the struggles of mother and daughter are timeless. Betty Bell Brown explores her mother’s life and her own with humor, clarity, and pathos.


Brown edited and contributed poetry, short stories and artwork for AMARYLLIS: A HOLIDAY ANTHOLOGY, a chapbook self-published for Pomegranate Book Store Writers’ Group in 2011.

Her short story was published in an anthology, SPORTS IN THE CAROLINAS, by Novella FestivalPress in 2009. A short story is in A FOLK SCHOOL ANTHOLOGY at John C. Campbell Folk School in 2007. Her poetry appeared in the University of North Carolina at Wilmington’s Student Literary-Art Journal, ATLANTIS, during the 90s. She was a finalist in a RANDAL JARRELL POETRY COMPETITION, sponsored by the North Carolina Writers’ Network. Journals from world-wide painting trips have found their way into poetry and essays. She concentrated on creative writing courses along with an Honors degree in art at the University of North Carolina at Wilmington. Her dissertation, SYMBIOSIS: WORD AND IMAGE was written in 1997 and is found in the Randall Library at UNCW. Other projects include a chapbook of her poetry and a book containing gems of knowledge gathered over the years about art and painting.