Prologue: Derrick R. Anderson

Oct 27, 2017

Monday, November 13th

The MC Erny Gallery

On Monday, November 13th, at 7pm, we will sit down with Ben Steelman of Wilmington's StarNews to discuss Miss Eva Palmer, Arriving with author Derrick R. Anderson.

About the Author

Derrick R. Anderson, a retired navy veteran, is a local Wilmington talk-radio host. His self-published novel discusses African-American life during the Vietnam War.

Miss Eva Palmer, Arriving

United States Navy Base, Subic Bay, Philippines. 18-year-old Darrin Andrews arrives on base from training as a member of a Navy Construction Battalion. In between working and heading to Olongapo City, he meets Eva, a hard-working nurse from the nearby Air Force base. Despite their differences and the possibility of being charged with fraternization since Eva is an officer, the two begin a relationship. Even though their time together may be short, they treasure the moments spent together. 

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