Primary 2018: Zapple and Olson-Boseman Take Commissioner Race For NHC

May 8, 2018

In the primary for New Hanover County Commissioner, three Democrats ran for two spots in November’s general election: newcomer James Middleton, political veteran Julia Olson-Boseman, and current commissioner Rob Zapple.  

Two familiar names took the commissioners race on Tuesday. Julia Olson-Boseman and Rob Zapple will move on to the general election.

James Middleton, in his first run at public office, finished third with a respectable 22 percent of the vote.

Julia Olson-Boseman.

“We have to stop approving new development. If its new fees we’re going to need, to deal with the traffic, to deal with the impact of development, then I’m for them.  As far as overall growth and planning for the county, I think the interests of the citizens would be best suited by having three Democrats have the majority.”

The two Democrats will face Republicans Skip Watkins and Eric Lytle in November.