Preparing For A Flood In New Hanover County

Aug 15, 2019

Flooding is a concern in the Cape Fear region. Even more so with last week’s announcement from the National Hurricane Center: the remaining storm season could be busier than usual. This week New Hanover County residents heard from flood experts on ways to prepare property and qualify for flood insurance discounts. 

A dozen residents attended Wednesday’s county meeting on flood preparedness at Government Center.

Flood experts explained how FEMA works, and how with some mitigation steps – such as flood and water venting in a crawl space – one can reduce the cost of flood insurance.

Zach Faulkner is a flood risk evaluator. He says flooding is becoming a greater risk in the region.

“You know, it definitely seems like it, especially for this particular area, obviously the last years you've had some pretty serious storms. Again, hopefully that brings awareness to those, even if you weren't affected, to maybe just consider some mitigation options or consider getting flood insurance on protecting your home and your family from a potential event.”

He says even if you don’t live in a designated floodplain, affordable flood insurance should be considered.

NHC flood management:

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