Please Touch the Art: Mail Art @ ACME

Jul 2, 2015

Local artist Fritzi Huber curated a show called "If It Fits, Mail It" at ACME Studios downtown.  The show has one simple stipulation:  if the postal service would deliver the piece, it would be hung in the show.  Two-hundred pieces of art were mailed to ACME from 10 countries. 

Closing Reception Friday, July 17 at ACME

The opening reception for this exhibit was at the end of June, but the exhibit is open until the third week in July.  The closing reception will be on Friday, July 17th. 

"Pink Art" Fritzi talks about, by Susanne Schmidt Nielsen

Ms. Huber was an active part of the "mail art" movement most popular in the 1970s.  While the internet has replaced the volume of postal communication between artists, there is nothing that can replace the feeling of mailing a piece of art-or the excitement of receiving one, especially if the contents of the package are unknown.  Mail art is still going on, and if it's like other wonderful things from the "old days," it may be making a resurgence.  Ms. Huber plans to have another mail art exhibit in 2017. 

Art by Michelle Connolly