Our First Annual Summer Stealth Drive is Here!

Jul 7, 2015

Here at WHQR, our Summer Drive is sounding very different – that’s because it is the Summer Stealth Drive and it’s going on right now!

This year we’re trying something completely different. We’re trying to meet our summer goal of $70,000 without interrupting programing. It seems like a crazy idea, but your donation will make it possible.

Why are we doing this? Because we love the programming, just like you do and we want to be able to bring it to you in its entirety, without interruptions! Make your gift today and help us meet our goal before July 28, our first scheduled ‘traditional’ pledge drive day.

Beginning this week, you’ll hear our on-air personalities explaining this innovative fundraiser idea. You’ll see a lot on social media and in email explaining what we’re doing and why listener support is so important to HQR News and Classical HQR. It’s our largest and most reliable source of funding. Nothing we do would be possible without you. This is the fundraiser. It’s time to give.

We have some fantastic giveaways scheduled during July. We’ll be giving away a $500 gift certificate to Learning Express Toys, a $500 gift certificate to Pomegranate Books, a $500 gift certificate to Spectrum Fine Jewelry or Spectrum Gallery, a $500 gift certificate to the Transplanted Garden, and a brand new Apple iPad. Stay tuned to 91.3 or 96.7 for details and find complete drawing rules at whqr.org. There’s a big advantage to giving now - the earlier you return your gift, the more contests you’ll be entered in.

We’re really excited about this new approach to fundraising, and we hope you are too. Help us make history by meeting our summer goal of $70,000 with zero program interruptions!

Thank you very much for your past support and for being such a great friend to HQR News 91.3fm and Classical HQR 96.7fm.