NHC Commissioners Approve Rezoning Requests, Discuss Future Development & Education Gaps

Sep 8, 2020

  At its Tuesday evening meeting, New Hanover County Commissioners approved two rezoning requests and the completed version of the County’s UDO, or Unified Development Ordinance.


Commissioners unanimously approved a 30-acre mixed-use senior development project on undeveloped land next to the Plantation Landing neighborhood in Porters Neck.

They also approved the development of a parcel near the intersection of MLK Parkway and North College Road for 22 single-family homes. Commissioner Kusek voting against the project, concerned about a possible expansion of that intersection.

The Commissioners then adopted an updated version of the UDO that directs development in the County. But environmental activists urged the Commissioners to amend the rules when it comes to regulating heavy industry. Kemp Burdette is the Cape Fear Riverkeeper:

“What government wouldn’t want to take every precaution possible to prevent the next Chemours, or the next coal ash spill, or the next methyl-bromide facility?” 

As the meeting ended, Commissioner Woody White expressed concern about how the pandemic is widening the education gap and disproportionally affecting minorities:

“People with choice are migrating to private school, migrating to homeschooling, and it accelerates the achievement gap. It worsens all of the problems that we work decades to try to solve.”    

At their next meeting, commissioners plan to hear from new School Superintendent Charles Foust on addressing disparities in education. 


To find out more about these project details, click here. For the senior-living project start on page 30; for the single-family home project start on page 95; and for the UDO and text amendments start on page 226.