A New Hope For Addiction Treatment In Wilmington

Jul 10, 2017

Four of the top 25 cities in the country for opioid abuse are in North Carolina. Wilmington is number one, according to a report from Castlight Health, a San Francisco-based healthcare information company. 

The state legislature recently ratified the STOP Act, a law to reduce the number of prescription pain pills doctors give to first-time patients, and cut the supply of unused pain pills in medicine cabinets. New treatment centers are also opening in the area.  One such center is Reflections of Hope.

In a nondescript office building on Darlington Avenue just a stone’s throw off Market Street, a new opioid treatment center is preparing to open its doors.

Reflections of Hope will provide outpatient behavioral and medical treatment for addiction.

Program Director Christie Jarrell-Smith.

“Our mission is to be able to give individuals the ability to become self-sufficient, and we address a lot of different aspects of the disease of addiction. We look at the actual physical, mental, social and the spiritual avenues of how people’s lives are impacted.”

The center will provide one on one counseling for those suffering from addiction, family counseling services, group therapy sessions and community outreach programs.

The new facility opens later this month.

Learn more about this new treatment program here