New Film Grant for Smaller NC Producers Launches December 1st

Nov 11, 2015

An alternate funding option for smaller filmmakers will soon be a reality in North Carolina.  Cucalorus, in partnership with the North Carolina Film Office, is announcing a new film incentive for projects with budgets under a quarter of a million dollars.

Once the popular tax-rebate form of the film incentive expired in North Carolina and legislators replaced it with a grant fund, film production in the state dropped significantly.  With those big-budget films and longer-running television series also went the support structure for smaller projects.  

But this new film grant, says Cucalorus Executive Director Dan Brawley, will develop North Carolina film production through a bottom-up approach.   

"We are creating a fund, an independent filmmakers’ fund, called Filmed in NC, which will support projects with budgets under $250,000, will give out a range of different awards, ranging from $500 to $3,000, for filmmakers who live in North Carolina who are making films in North Carolina."

Eligible producers include both emerging talent and better-established filmmakers who work outside the system, says Brawley. 

Filmed in NC will start accepting applications December 1st.   This year, the fund has a total of ten-thousand dollars to give away, but Brawley says he hopes to attract matching funds as the program gets established. 

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