NCDEQ Investigating Spill From Chemours Site

Sep 25, 2019

The North Carolina Department of Environmental Quality is investigating a non-PFAS spill that entered the Cape Fear River from Chemours Fayetteville Works yesterday. Local water utility officials say they’ve taken measures to ensure customers aren’t impacted.

The substance is no longer entering the river -- that’s according to the Fayetteville Works Plant Manager, who spoke to Cape Fear Public Utility Authority staff. Officials at CFPUA and Brunswick County Public Utilities say they suspended raw water intakes today, and stress that customers have nothing to worry about for the time being.

CFPUA Executive Director, Jim Flechtner:

“We will work with the state to find out what happened with this, and take steps to keep these things from happening in the future. It is unacceptable that these global companies can lose control of the chemicals that are on their properties, and have those chemicals reach the water that we ultimately drink.”

In an email sent to WHQR, Chemours spokesperson Lisa Randall says the spill was not related to their manufacturing operations. She says it came from Kuraray, a tenant located on the site.