NC Support for Trump Slipping in New Poll

Apr 28, 2017

A new poll from Elon University shows support for President Donald Trump among North Carolina voters has fallen since November, when he carried the state on his way to the White House. 

According to the results of the latest Elon University Poll, 49 percent say Trump is doing a worse job as president than President Obama, while only 39 percent say Trump is outperforming his predecessor.

And then… there’s Twitter.

Jason Husser, the director of the Elon University Poll, says Trump’s Twitter honeymoon may be over.

“We simply asked respondents ‘Do you think the way President Trump uses Twitter is appropriate or inappropriate?’ We found overall only 18 percent said appropriate, 73 percent said inappropriate. Even Republicans found his Twitter usage inappropriate.”

He said there was wasn’t much support for the border wall either.

“What we found is that 59 percent of registered voters in North Carolina oppose the border wall, only 35 percent support the border wall. This breaks down on party lines as you might imagine, but Democrats oppose the wall more than Republicans support it. Independents by two to one oppose the wall.”

Ivanka Trump, the daughter of the president who serves as an assistant to him, scored well -- with 47 percent holding a favorable opinion of her.

The survey was conducted April 18 – 21.