Michael Lee Keeps State Senate District 9 in Republican Hands, Beating Redenbaugh by Nearly 11%

Nov 5, 2014

With an unpopular Democratic president in his second-term, Election Day saw the predictable Republican sweep in southeastern North Carolina.

State Senate District 9, which encompasses most of New Hanover County, stayed in Republican hands.

Democratic Challenger Elizabeth Redenbaugh, a former New Hanover County School Board member – and former Republican -- lost to Michael Lee by nearly 11%. 

Lee, who is serving out the remainder of Thom Goolsby’s second term, says he plans to maintain a working relationship with local leaders:

“It’s not just what goes on in Raleigh—certainly we can support southeastern NC from Raleigh—but working as a leader in the community, getting together with Chairman White, Mayor Saffo, working with community business leaders. And developing a real plan for economic development so that we’re all singing off the same sheet of music.”

Lee was appointed by Governor Pat McCrory in April to serve as the state Ports Authority Board Chair – replacing Danny McComas.