In The MC Erny Gallery: "Midsummer Expressions": Paintings by Liz Hosier and Peggy Vineyard

Jul 15, 2019

WHQR Public Radio is excited to announce the MC Erny Gallery at WHQR will host the opening reception on Friday, July 26, from 6 – 8 pm for Midsummer Expressions: Paintings by Liz Hosier and Peggy Vineyard. Guests are invited to meet the artist and the WHQR staff and on-air personalities while enjoying great food and wine. There is an additional reception on Friday, August 23, 2019, and the show will remain on display until September 13, 2019. A portion of the proceeds from any sale of art benefits WHQR.

Liz Hosier

Liz Hosier believes that Art is that process of seeking truth through color, light and form inspired by sight, feeling and contemplation supported by life experiences. Her work reflects her love of nature and travel, while her obsession with colors and light give her inspiration. She finds her best work starts with the simplest of ideas that allows her the freedom to explore new techniques, color and materials rather than following a well-worn path. Currently, her painting is process-based abstraction using a variety of mediums including oil/cold wax, acrylic and encaustics. She also enjoys teaching cold wax/ oil workshops at the Cameron Museum of Art finding that the give and take within a workshop is a learning opportunity for both students and herself. Her work can be seen at ACME Art Studios as well as in various art shows and exhibitions in the Cape Fear region.


Peggy Vineyard

Peggy Vineyard, an award-winning artist in Houston, TX and Wilmington, NC, began her love of art at an early age and it followed throughout her adult life. She majored in Elementary Education with a Minor in Art from the University of Houston. Following a career in teaching, counseling and real estate, she always found time to paint, sculpt or take workshops and classes in art, as well as being involved with the art community. She became a full- time artist after moving to NC. Her art manifests a definite versatility in subject matter which results in a diverse portfolio of impressionism to abstract/expressionism.
Each painting is created from her imagination, intuition and deep unconscious feelings. 


**Further images and interviews available upon request**