Leland Council Candidates on the Future of Town's Water Supply

Oct 28, 2015

Leland residents get their water through H2GO, an independent governmental entity separate from Brunswick County’s Public Utility – which sells water to H2GO.  And now H2GO is deciding whether to build its own reverse osmosis plant. 

While water authority officials study the question, a citizen-led group, Stop H2GO, has sprung up in opposition to that project -- creating a StopH2GO website and putting forth two candidates for H2GO's Board of Commissioners.  

Yesterday, the five people vying for seats on Leland’s Town Council weighed in on the future of the Town's water supply.  

Brenda Bozeman said she's willing to lose friendships in order to do the right thing; Glenn Thearling said he's eager to hear the outcome of study in December.  But neither candidate for Mayor actually took a position for or against H2GO's potential construction of an R.O. plant. 

Council candidates were more outspoken.  Michael Callahan said he’s spoken with the two opposition candidates for the H2GO Board. 

"I do feel that we do not need another level of water distribution in [the] northern part of the County.  Brunswick County, from what I understand, has plenty of capacity to meet the needs of folks in the community.  And, in fact, it’s been rated #1 in the state for three years in a row. "

Bob Campbell said that as the County’s Accounting Manager for Health and Human Services, he sees value in consolidation.

"I see the H2GO project as another duplication of efforts to supply water in conjunction with the Town of Leland and with the County.  And I think we could consider a cost savings by not having that third party."

But incumbent Jane Crowder sits firmly on the other side of that argument. 

"One of these days, the Cape Fear River could possibly no longer be there.  It could dry up.  It could get contaminated or it could be contaminated.  And I feel like the people that are on the H2GO Board live in the area and they are doing what is best for the citizens and the residents of Leland and the surrounding areas."

Jane Crowder is married to John Crowder, Chair of H2GO’s Board of Commissioners.

To listen to the complete forum featuring Leland Mayor and Town Council Candidates, follow this link: