L Shape Lot STNL Airs Friday and Saturday

Nov 18, 2013

Folksy, roots-country, honkytonk outfit L Shape Lot Acoustic Duo gave a strong  Soup to Nuts Live (STNL) performance to a sold out crowd in The MC Erny Gallery at WHQR on Thursday, November 7th. Hosted by George Scheibner, Soup to Nuts Live brings a variety of musical styles and talents into the gallery to perform and record in front of a live audience.

Don't miss the broadcast of the live recording of this performance. The quality of the songwriting, the duo's performance and musical skills, and the enthusiasm of the audience all shine through in this recording. WHQR is very excited to bring you this lively, moving performance. To understand what we're raving about, check out these two clips from the live in-studio recording:

Check out this version of the traditional "Wayfaring Stranger:"

L Shape Lot Soup to Nuts Live Broadcast
Friday and Saturday, 9PM

Listen on 91.3FM or stream live on this website

Learn more about L Shape Lot, their music, and find their performance schedule on the L Shape Website or Facebook Page