Kevin Spears Brings a New Perspective to City Council

Dec 4, 2019

 Wilmington’s City Council has a new addition. Kevin Spears was sworn in December 3, 2019, alongside Neil Anderson, Mayor Bill Saffo, and Mayor Pro Tem Margaret Haynes. 

2019’s final city council meeting is a little unusual. There are few agenda items, and yes, there’s a violin -- but the crowd is large and more racially diverse. 

Spears is now the second person of color on a mostly-white council of seven, and he’s also the youngest member. During his campaign, he ran on a platform of being the voice for Wilmington’s underserved citizens. And now, a month after the election, he says that’s still his priority. 

“We have a huge task ahead of us. Our goal is to improve this city, not just for a specific group, but for the city as a whole.”

With Spears’ arrival, comes Paul Lawler’s departure. He lost his seat by a five-vote margin.  

The council unanimously passed a resolution of appreciation for Lawler and his work. Meetings resume January 7.