"I Feel Blessed"

Sep 9, 2019

The sun came out Friday afternoon… just hours after Dorian left the Cape Fear region. People came out - walking, jogging, riding bikes, and waiting for the bus.

John Ross is waiting for his bus at the Hopewood Apartments in Wilmington. He’s grateful that Dorian passed without causing any damage in his neighborhood. It was a far cry from a year ago with Florence.

“I was living at the homeless shelter and they had the places in high schools and elementary school, but it looks mighty fine from last year’s storm. I'm just blessed be on this side of town. I feel sorry for them that got there the lights put out, but I'm blessed to be on this side of town. There is my bus ride there…”

Local officials say damage in Wilmington was less than expected.

Vince Winkel, WHQR News