Historic Wilmington Foundation Adds To List Of Threatened Historic Places

May 31, 2017

Every year, the Historic Wilmington Foundation releases a list of the region’s threatened historic sites. It’s their way of bringing attention to old homes and buildings that need protection to be saved and preserved.  “So the 2017 most threatened historic places for the Historic Wilmington Foundation is as follows ….” 

A small crowd is gathered at 110 Nun Street, as Ramona Bartos of the state’s cultural resources department reads a list of this year’s most threatened historic places.

Behind her is a new addition, the William Rand Kenan House built in 1870, empty and boarded up.

George Edwards, the executive director of the Historic Wilmington Foundation, says it is their job …

“… to identify, highlight, and hopefully save threatened historic sites around the region – the region being the three counties, Pender, Brunswick and New Hanover. We solicit nominations and over the years we have received 127 nominations.”

Over the years the efforts have paid off, as dozens of structures have been saved through a variety of private and public efforts.

Ramona Bartos says it keeps Wilmington alive.

“It’s an authentic place that brings us back to an earlier time and also enhances our day to day lives and our quality of life here. And these historic buildings are markers to that earlier time and people are really drawn to that.”

The 2017 list has 10 properties, including houses, schools, a library and a cemetery.

To download a PDF of the 2017 list of the region’s threatened historic sites, go here.

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