HB 467 - CAFO Nuisance Bill - Vetoed by Gov. Cooper

May 5, 2017

On Friday, Gov. Roy Cooper vetoed House Bill 467. That’s a bill we reported on last week, that would impact those who live near concentrated animal feeding operations or CAFOs. The bill would have created new restrictions for CAFO neighbors who file so-called nuisance lawsuits. 

Penalties against hog and chicken farms would be limited to lost rental or property value because of the nearby farm.

Governor Cooper says nuisance laws can be used to protect property rights and make changes for good. He says the state used nuisance laws to force the Tennessee Valley Authority to stop air pollution from flowing into North Carolina and won damages to improve air quality.

Special protection for one industry, says Cooper, opens the door to weakening nuisance laws in other areas which can cause real harm to homeowners, the environment, and North Carolinians. 

No word yet on whether the House will try and override the veto, which would require 72 yes votes within the 120-member body. Attempts to reach bill sponsor Representative Ted Davis today were unsuccessful. 

See where the CAFO's in North Carolina are located with the EWG Interactive Map