H2GO Board Now Has Anti-RO Majority

Nov 8, 2017

H2GO’s Board of Commissioners, a water and sewer utility in Brunswick County, is likely to change direction on construction of a controversial reverse osmosis plant. 

For the last two years, the two board members who oppose building an RO plant sat in the minority on H2GO’s five-member board.  But with three open seats this year, all it took to change the majority position was for one of three anti-RO candidates to win.  RO-supporter and incumbent Carl Antos lost his seat to RO opponent Bill Beer by 18 votes. 

Beer says he doesn’t have a problem with the idea of reverse osmosis.  It’s a question of who builds the plant.

"If, through study, it's determined that reverse osmosis is really the way to go, then that should be the county that builds it, not H2GO. H2GO doesn't have the experience. They've never made a drop of drinking water for anybody. The county has the critical mass, the economies of scale to economically build a plant like that."

Pro-RO candidates Rodney McCoy and Ron Jenkins, an incumbent, also won seats. 

RLH, WHQR News.