Governor McCrory Wants Long-Term Plans for Transportation, Energy, Communications, and Water

Oct 13, 2014

Governor Pat McCrory’s 25-Year Vision for Transportation was unveiled last month, but this is just one of four long-term plans that the Governor has in mind.  Governor McCrory shared his broader strategy during the Greater Wilmington Business Journal’s first annual Coastal Energy Summit.

In order to attract business to North Carolina, Governor McCrory says that the state has to show industry plans for future infrastructure. McCrory says North Carolina needs to plan ahead and illustrate what will come of current investments twenty-five years down the road. He has four target areas: transportation, communications, water, and energy:  

"We’ve got to show the public exactly where our energy is going to come from in the future—how much of it is going to be nuclear, how much of it is going to be coal, how much of it is going to be solar and wind and biotech and waste and hydro and all of the above."

For communications, McCrory says that broadband access must be extended throughout the state, including rural areas, to remove that barrier to business.  He says that ensuring future water supply is vital, not just for drinking water but also for industrial and utility use.