Friday Feedback for September 7, 2012

Sep 7, 2012

What's on Sunday at 6 pm? It's terrible. -- Bob

Brian Stange wrote:

NPR, you provide such a great service and i appreciate it. I know that as reporters you try to be unbiased, but the direction in which NPR leans becomes very clear in some reports. For example, [last week] you all did a story about the Republican National Convention. The lead in was an interview with an attendee from the Convention. I can only assume that the person quoted was one of if not the most extreme and abrasive people interviewed by NPR at the convention. Her comments were that she can’t stand looking at Michelle Obama because she doesn't look like a First Lady. I have my doubts that that quote was indicative of the general sentiment of the thousands in attendance.

Anonymous had this reaction to a recent commentary:

[I] was listening the morning of september 4th to annie gray johnston and was appalled at what i heard, or thought i heard -please tell me she did not really say "why are there handicapped parking spaces at bars” …  if i misunderstood, please let me know - if not, … what kind of person is this who thinks - what -that a handicapped person would never go into a bar for a drink? … by the way, when someone throws a pair of sneakers over the telephone line - it usually means someone is selling drugs nearby.

On the commentary’s web page, Grace Evanko Sullivan and listener Mike had similar reactions. Grace wrote:

Why is it so hard to "understand" why a handicapped parking place is at a bar?

Listener Bob wrote:

What's on Sunday at 6 pm? It's terrible. I thought TED [Radio Hour] was on.

The show Bob refers to is Ask Me Another, a new trial-run series from NPR. The TED Radio Hour shows we carried were a 13-week series that is now over. (But stay tuned for an announcement). We're continuing to use Sunday night as a time for experimenting with new series, some of which will be successful and some not.

Here's listener Phil's reaction:

Ask Me Another was not great. False hilarity and mystery guests no one west of the Hudson has ever heard of, maybe even west of 6th Avenue.

Listener Pam wrote:

It's okay. I still miss On Being.

Listen Sunday at 6 pm for Ask Me Another, and let us know your reactions. And here’s that announcement I mentioned: NPR informed stations, on Tuesday of this week that there has been so much positive response to the TED Radio Hour that they are going to make it a regular weekly series starting in January. We haven’t made a decision yet about whether we’ll schedule it.

Peggy called our news department with her concern that news organizations are not covering what’s important - - such as the film “Obama’s America: 2016”. (We did point out to her that NPR ran a feature on this anti-Obama documentary.)  She was very upset about why NPR is covering things like where Obama’s motorcade travels. And she observed that the book of Revelation tells us that the devil will be in our midst after 44 months…

Listener Maria wrote:

I just had to thank you for the exceptional edition of Smooth Landing last [week]. It made my day when George Scheibner introduced the guest DJ, Wendy Hunt, and then launched into her first rocking selection of "Born to Run". … I also had to thank Bob Workmon for leading off with Radio Nowhere on Smooth Landing a while back. It is such a pleasure to tune into Smooth Landing at the end of the working day.

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