Friday Feedback for May 1, 2015

May 1, 2015

George Scheibner
Credit Wilmnigton StarNews
So glad to have George on my radio bringing great music!!! - Doug J Wall

Last week I read a message from Scott, who was having trouble getting our webstream on his iPhone. On our web page M R W wrote:

Scott could also try the NPR News app for listening on his phone. it has streams of both HQR stations and has always worked well for me.

Many of our listeners will have seen the article, accompanied by a large photo, of George Scheibner that appeared in last Sunday’s Wilmington StarNews, written by Ben Steelman. When we linked to this on our Facebook page, there was a large and positive reaction from listeners.

Cindy Plyler wrote:

Love his show.

Eileen Flynn Shober wrote:

Good article about George! He's the greatest.

Katharine Tanksley wrote:

Loved reading about George's background.

Former Graduate Fellow Jason Hess wrote:

He's been a huge part of making my Wilmington experience a positive one. George has been a fantastic mentor and friend. He's also a pretty decent dj, I guess.

Doug J Wall wrote:

So glad to have George on my radio bringing great music!!!

Steven Hennessee wrote:

Everytime I hear his voice, I enjoy it. He is great.

Patricia Keany Ahern wrote:

I hope WHQR has a back up plan in case George ever wins the lottery and leaves…..

Mary Virginia Swain wrote:

Best thing on radio - anywhere! We are so lucky to have him in Wilmington!

and on the StarNews website, Kevin Garrity wrote:

New Haven misses you George, heck, I miss you.

Bob Nary wrote:

Nice to see you're still at it "Jawz" - long may you (continue to) run!

Andy Lippitt wrote:

I'm proud to have had some New Haven musical adventures with you. Rock on, George!

Paul Lawler wrote:

Thank you, George.

Robert Valois Boyval Dit write:

You are the best GS--keep up the great work for another 50.

Randy and Grace of Supply wrote:

We enjoy the material broadcast on both stations, especially the different styles of music broadcast on the 'news' station in the evening and night.

And from our recent fund drive, with had this comment from SugarIsland Smith:

bob workmon singing makes pledge drive FANTASTIC!

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