Friday Feedback for March 16, 2002

Mar 16, 2012

Listener Jacqueline wrote:

I still miss the second hour of Talk of the Nation and Bob Edwards Weekend.

Listener Jay wrote on Wednesday of this week:

Why aren't you airing Bruce Springsteen's keynote address from the [South by Southwest] music festival in Austin TX tomorrow (Thurs) at 12:00 Central Time? All the publications say it is going to broadcast live on NPR.

We don't know which publications Jay is referring to, but this would be a decision stations make on their own, rather than NPR. NPR feeds many things to stations, and no two stations carry the same lineup. We chose not to pre-empt our regular programming for this event.

Listener George wrote:

Congratulations, You have made the very obvious point that the word SLUT is offensive. By repeating the word over and over in your story in a weak attempt at the obvious, you have succeeded in offending more than the subject of your story. A feat I previously would not have thought possible.

Penny Schmitt wrote:

I have just listened to the beautiful commentary [by Gwenyfar Rohler] on A Tale of Two Cities and am still wiping tears from my eyes. Beautifully written, well-delivered, thoughtful, and morally probing. Thank you very much for this moment of sensitive intelligence.

With our spring drive coming up in just a few days, here are some more comments from listeners entering the drawing for an iPad. Here’s a sample:

Listener Tristen wrote:

I love my morning classical and Wait Wait. The more music the better. Also Science Friday is the best.

Listener Valdina wrote:

I have been a member [of] your radio station for some time; however, of late I am dissatisfied with some of your program choices and have greatly reduced my membership contributions. I am referring specifically to the [Diane Rehm] program … Since it is difficult to hear when driving because [of] traffic and air circulation noises, I cant’ support this choice. There must be other talented young people who are qualified for this position. It might be wiser to use her talents in an advisory role.

Listener Carroll wrote:

I like the NPR news programming and With Heart and Voice, Car Talk, Wait, Wait and local music programming.

Listener Deborah wrote:

Bob Edwards' weekend programs were exceptionally enjoyable. I miss them and would like them to return!

William and Kaye Pope of Whiteville wrote:

[We] Love the classical music and Science Friday.

Theodora Haenn wrote:

Superb, [I] have been listening to NPR for over 30 years. Balance[d] reporting [and] interesting subjects.

JoAnn wrote:

When WHQR put my favorite "Speaking of Faith" at 6p.m. on Sunday instead of the 10:00 a.m. I still donated! When another favorite, "The Writer's Almanac" was moved to closer to the 9 a.m. time instead of 8:35 a.m. I still donated! When you decided that talk shows should take up two hours plus "All things considered about two hours, leaving less time for the wonderful classical music. I still donated! Many times I asked if WHQR could have the People's Pharmacy. A wonderful show that airs on public radio in other areas … I still donated!
Because my husband and I know what it was like to have no WHQR. We are loyal contributors and listeners. We wish you well and will continue to thrive with great announcers and beautiful music. Thank you.

Mary Plum of Hampstead wrote:

[I] Love the morning music… gets me off to a good start.


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