Friday Feedback for March 15, 2013

Mar 15, 2013

Long-time friend of the station Bo Biggs of Lumberton was concerned enough about a recent Diane Rehm show that he wrote a detailed criticism. Here are some excerpts:

As a long time listener of WHQR, I can appreciate the balancing act of views as over the years, the station has ventured into more talk vs. music, using the many excellent NPR programs. In that reflection, I have always maintained that a balance of views, be they the left or right, Democrat or Republican, or more close to home, Titan Cement’s pros or cons, be discussed.

With that said, I do hope you go back and listen to Diane Rehm show that aired Tuesday discussing the Ryan budget  released out of the House and the speculation about what is coming out of the Senate. Midway thru, it was a liberal pile-on. Ms. Rehm repeatedly injected her view that any discussion of cuts in entitlement and no tax increases was unreasonable, unfair. Admittedly, none of her panelists can hold a candle to E.J. Dionne of the Brookings Institute’s witty sarcasm for the liberal left, and her conservative commentator did not stand a chance. But her interruptions, snarls in the background to affirm Mr. Dionne’s positions and to give him unbridled reign to make his points are the thing that has diminished my pride for Public Radio ... She read a statement by a liberal House Democrat that the Ryan budget rolled Grandma off the cliff, favored the rich etc. Did she read a statement by a House Republican to give contrast and balance? No.

…[Diane] was rude today. Her conservative panelist gets rolled over and ridiculed by her and the liberal panelists. Today’s show is why Public Radio has the representation of being leftist and liberal. The show is the worst one on Public Radio. If a show like this tilted right, I’d be the first one to agree with my lib friends it should be chopped. Wish my lib friends would admit the same. Funny how this show soars in political balance when Ms. Rehm is not the moderator. When Ms. Rehm moderates, the show is more suited for the programming on MSNBC.

And that’s from Bo Biggs. Thank you, Bo.

Many listeners have made early pledges to our Spring drive and that's great; those early birds may win a vacation at Bald Head Island in next Tuesday's drawing. Here are some comments from the early birds:

Ron and Ruth from New York City wrote:

Wait Wait Don't Tell Me, All Things Considered, the Talk of the Nation -- [we] really love all the programing.

Randy and Grace from Supply wrote:

We think your programming mix is good, and love having the option of the HD channel when 'uninteresting' programs are on!

Donna and Sue from Shallotte wrote:

CoastLine is a great addition to the schedule, and Rachel Lewis Hilburn is a thoroughly professional host/interviewer. Kudos!

Liz from Wilmington wrote:

This [contribution] is to honor Jemila Ericson, whose support of local scholars and artists in the middday interviews is much appreciated!

Joanna and Charles from Wilmington wrote:

[We] Love the classical music and news. The jazz, not so much.

Robert and Catherine from Baltimore, Maryland wrote:

We love Smooth Landings! It's so unique!

Today is the last Friday Feedback before we begin our Spring fund drive next week, so I’ll pick up again in two weeks. We’re especially interested in hearing what you think of the special CoastLine broadcasts we’ve aired in the last three weeks.

But in a way the whole Spring drive is one long extended Feedback session, where you tell us by your support how you think we’re doing across the board. You can always leave a message for Friday Feedback via email. Our Feedback Phone is 910-292-WHQR. That’s 910-292-9477. And thanks for your feedback.