Friday Feedback for June 20, 2014

Jun 20, 2014

The troposphere is the orange-red glow on the horizon in this image from Wikimedia Commons.

Great American songbook was a fabulous show of talent and history and fun. -- Patti

We’ve been getting some comments and calls this week about Morning Edition sounding distorted at times, especially for Lumberton listeners. Our equipment is working correctly. What many are hearing is a phenomenon known as “tropospheric ducting,” which can play havoc with FM signals. Graduate Fellow Jason Hess discovered a great online resources for “ducting” forecasts. Yesterday's map for Southeastern North Carolina, for example, showed us in a bright orange area, meaning “very strong” to “intense”. There's a link to this on our website. Thanks, Jason.

Listener Lynn wrote:

The 'up close and personal' underwriter stories that air … produce a very high quality image of WHQR's involvement with companies and its' sponsor/clients, while presenting the enduring long term relationships the station upholds. [The team is] to be congratulated. It's truly special, and sends impressive "family" commitment signals and messages to the listeners.

Patti Pocsik wrote on our website about last week's show at Kenan Auditorium:

[The] Great American songbook was a fabulous show of talent and history and fun. Can you post the list of the top 10 songs chosen? The show was perfectly crafted with the videos, the fine musicians, performers, and of course [Phil] Furia, [George] Scheibner, and the audience who loved every minute of it. Thank you so much. Hope it becomes a regular event.

For Patti and others, thanks for attending the show. We have posted the songs of our top 10 in our Photo and Video Recap on our website,

Listener Tom wrote:

Classics for Kids needs to be on more often. It's excellent.

Anonymous wrote:

The 1960s wants you to give its pledge drive format back. The focus on the phones is pathetically out of date. Why can't the website show real-time fund raising goal status 365 and maybe even real-time operating budget expenditures.

Listener Marti wrote:

[I] love [the] station. [I] think the announcers are very professional, AND I like the group on air during pledge drives. Seems like they're a fun group.

A listener in Ocean Isle Beach wrote:

The model WHQR should emulate is WVTF - Roanoke, VA. - They raise over $325,000 per Fund Drive - in one week.

Anonymous wrote:

[I] like the format of WFAE in [Charlotte], heavy on informational programming.

Anonymous wrote:

My preference would be that you become more like WUNC-CH, … the timely and insightful "talk" broadcasts are what I seek, and too often must find them via online/streaming sources.  Also, Andy Wood is your only local commentator who I enjoy. Because of your broadcasts of Prairie Home Companion, Car Talk, Performance Today, and The Splendid Table, it's too spotty to find and listen to shows I enjoy during your weekend broadcasts.

Listener Kevin wrote:

I don't know if a local version of Talk of the Nation would be practical (or safe, given how high emotions run on many local issues) but I think it would be a good addition to our community.

Kevin, we hope you'll tune in to the premiere of our own CoastLine, next Tuesday at 2 pm, when our topic will be film incentives.

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