Friday Feedback for January 31, 2014

Jan 31, 2014

Suzanne Bona, host of Sunday Baroque, will be in the area next weekend for a concert and brunch.
WHQR is the perfect venue for such innovative ideas in musical and artistic expression. -- Brooks Preik

Listener Ashley enjoyed a recent film at Cinematique. She wrote to Mary Bradley, who oversees our participation in this joint venture with Thalian Hall:

Will you please run The Book Thief a few more days?! We missed it at the theatre and I wasn't able to go when you ran it.

Mary replied,

I wish we could, but we have films booked for all the available times this month and next.

Listener Dave from Boiling Spring Lakes wrote:

I‘m a recently-enrolled member. I was listening to Friday Feedback on January 24th and heard the following:

“email message” and “feedbacks”

I presume you do not say “US Postal mail message,” so why say “email message? “Letters“ and “email” are sufficiently clear.

I was unaware that “feedback” needed a plural form, “feedbacks;” I thought “feedback” covered both uses.

I suggest the station secure copies of the late NBC newsman Edwin Newman’s books, “Strictly Speaking. Will America be the Death of English?” and “(A?) Civil Tongue,” to learn how tortured American English had become when he wrote them and consider how much more so it has become since. I hope it will cause you to more carefully proof you own scripts. And please, don’t “Have a nice “rest-of-the” day; a “nice day” would do. And, were you to thank me, I would say “You’re welcome.” not “No Problem.” And any question I am asked who’s answer is “Yes,” I will say so, not “Absolutely.”

If you don’t already know it, I can tell you the “unknown” difference between “bring” and “take,” or, astoundingly, “regime” and "regimen” despite the dictionary saying that they are, essentially, interchangeable.

In response, I'll make just one point: our usage is not lower-case "feedbacks"; it's upper-case "Feedbacks". The reference is to individual episodes of the weekly segment Friday Feedback, and not a generic term for listener comments. We'll consider making this clearer in the announcers' instructions.

Listener Alice wrote:

I want to let you know how much I enjoyed "DocuTime" on Saturday… It is a great venue and I always look forward to attending the shows.

Listener Brooks Preik wrote to Jemila Ericson after our live concert last Friday:

Thank you for the sensitive, thoughtful and insightful commentary you provided at the Cavani-Mwatabu Okantah concert at WHQR last Friday. It was so spectacular and I enjoyed every minute. . . WHQR is the perfect venue for such innovative ideas in musical and artistic expression.

Listener Julie wrote:

Are you going to post the midday interview for Big River from this past Tuesday?

In response, you can find all of our midday interviews after about 24 hours at Look for "Midday Interviews" under the "Culture" tab.

Joe and Judy of Wilmington wrote:

Congratulations on keeping WHQR going during our ice event!  We've been listening all the time. Thanks.

Finally, it was nice to see Sunday Baroque host Suzanne Bona from her home in Cincinnati “Like” a recent post on our Facebook page – the latest in our Fresh Voices commentary series, with Hoggard High School junior David Gray Bagnal. Suzanne is in town today through Sunday. She’ll play her flute one week from tonight in a 7:30 pm WHQR concert at St. Paul’s Episcopal Church, and she’ll play and greet listeners at a Sunday Brunch, 10 am Sunday the 9th at the WHQR studios. Tickets are still available for both, but act fast and go to

We’d love to hear from you on Friday Feedback. You can always leave a message via email to Our Feedback Phone is 910-292-WHQR. That’s 292-9477. And thanks for your feedback.