Friday Feedback for January 27, 2012

Jan 27, 2012

Susan Smith Sims wrote:

I arrived in Wilmington just a bit before WHQR and have loved living here and watching WHQR develop, change, struggle (well, that part hasn't always been fun), grow and adapt to the changing needs of our residents, our cultural arts community and budget constraints. Over the years, I've participated in a variety of ways - though never as much as I would have liked- and am an avid supporter of the independent spirit, local coverage of the arts and artists as well as big picture information that WHQR provides. I can't imagine Wilmington without WHQR and the many personalities involved over the years. Cinematique may be one of the best offerings in our community. Thanks to all of you for your good work and dedication. Best, Susan.

Kenneth Krug wrote:

I am an independent Republican and generally listen to WHQR for music and international news. I catch other programming because my radio is set to the station. I caught the Rehm show today, Friday, and after a while wondered if you ever listen to yourselves. Every Republican candidate was put down or bashed. You also continue to quote statements out of context. This is bad journalism on your part or possibly even worse, you don't even know the context. On the other side of the coin you always present the President in a positive light, make excuses for him or give the Democratic spin on it. Your broadcast could have come from the Democrat National Headquarters. All I can say is shame on you! I expect more 'fair and balanced' reporting from a public and publicly funded station.

Garry Dale wrote:

I listen as often as my schedule will allow. I particularly like Prarie Home Companion and the in-depth news shows. Keep up the good work.

Heather Caveny wrote:

I mostly listen to WHQR for the news and Marketplace when I'm getting ready for work in the morning, and in the car to and from work. I also love Fresh Air, Wait Wait Don't Tell Me, and All Things Considered. Thanks for being there!

Lois Johnson wrote:

I would find life pale without WHQR. Thank you for being accessible to this country bumpkin who relishes classical music, and stories of it, discussion of relevant topics, and news.

Laurie wrote:

I'm a fan!

Louise wrote:

We miss Bob Edwards Weekend.

Listener Betty wrote:

I love WHQR! I really like the partner-day fund-raisers you're doing (I supported Coastal Federation too, and was happy). I'm interested in a Day Sponsorship.

Shannon Playl wrote:

As a recent transfer to the Wilmington area, I am so grateful for the excellent programming at WHQR!  "All Things Considered" and the "BBC World Service" provide my daily dose of news and information, and I am moved beyond words by the performances from the Met.  Of course my favorite hours of the week include "Wait, Wait" and "Great American Songbook" and "Prairie Home Companion" and "Car Talk."  Thank you for the informative, inspiring, and humorous programming that I get to enjoy daily!

Adrienne Childs Ochis of Kure Beach wrote:

Opera's my favorite music, and progressive-type presentations. Cinematique has had a lot of good selections...I especially like the French films. [I] Would appreciate discussion group availability after the films.

Listener Donna wrote:

WHQR is part of my every day! and I thank you.

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