Friday Feedback for February 24, 2012

Feb 24, 2012

Listener Dan wrote:

For the second year running, one of your announcers has referred to Presidents Day as Washington's Birthday. I pointed this out last year, but

… Lincoln's birthday, 2/12, and Washington's birthday, 2/22, used to be observed as separate holidays. Presidents Day, as I understand it, was created to save a day of work and give workers an additional 3-day weekend. I see from [some web] sites … that it has become fashionable to refer to Presidents Day alternately as Washington's Birthday.
In my opinion that's intellectual laziness at best. You can do better, I'm embarrassed for you.

Yeah, I was listening last week, Valentine's day; one of your commentators -- I don't know his name -- anyway, mentioned him and his gay partner. What's that all about? I mean, and today, I'm listening on the 16th and you talk about a gay retirement home or something like that. Is it just me, or every time I turn on WHQR, you guys talk about homosexuals. I mean, do you just want the rest of the people who aren't homosexuals, which is a pretty large amount, to stop listening to your show, or …  I don't understand the goal here. Thank you.

Listeners Lyn and Ed in Brunswick County had a different take on the same commentary:

What a great choice of the Shayne Fernando piece [on] Valentine’s Day. In it he spoke about a gift to a woman who’d lost her husband 15 years before and came to this nursing home with precious little contact from her children. She’d isolated herself in the smoking area but Shayne sought her out with a Valentine gift of a silver cigarette lighter. Such a gesture brought forth a fountain of emotions long suppressed!
[Here] in Brunswick County there is a group of happy volunteer singers who visit the various assisted living homes. We pluck ukuleles, shake homemade instruments, don boas and try the Charleston. The joy we see brings us back over and over again. [We encourage others to] share in the singing and fellowship by contacting … Thank you, Shayne! … [and] thanks to WHQR for offering yet another sensitive and compelling piece.

I just wanted to give a thumbs down for the 3 o'clock program, the Diane Rehm show. I just don't think that's a voice for radio and it just messes up my 3 o'clock hour. I just thought you should know that. I'm very displeased with that. Anyway, thank you so much for taking the time, bye.

Finally, Jean Peterken wrote:

Great music and news programming -- my home and car radios are permanently tuned. News shows, including BBC are major source. Love classical music and MET Opera. … Thanks for operating "on a shoestring." Special thanks to Jemilla!

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