Friday Feedback for December 9, 2011

Dec 9, 2011

A listener who describes himself as a 20-year fan says:

I'm a long-time listener and generous supporter who begins my day at 5AM listening to Morning Edition.

During those first 2 hours, about every 15 minutes, I hear "on-air testimonials" from various persons in the community about how much they love WHQR. I've heard EACH of them over a hundred times, and while they were endearing at first, they are now really repetitive and annoying.  PLEASE, can you play a snippet of music to fill that time instead? I'm sure, with the huge classical music library at the studio, you could come up with a large, random assortment of lovely segues that would appeal to all your dedicated listeners.  We don't need constant, repetitive reminders to continue our support. Thanks.

Digby Delgado wrote:

Since moving to Southport over three years ago, I have listened virtually exclusively to your station. Before coming here I was a listener and member of Philadelphia public radio (WHYY), Baltimore public radio, New York public radio, and Washington public radio. In other words, I have been listening to NPR stations for many years--and I have learned a lot as a result (maybe too much). …I have two comments … :

First, while I also have enjoyed DianeRehm's program for many years, I do not enjoy her program at 3:00 pm. I miss the second hour of Talk of the Nation four days a week, and the second hour of Science Friday once a week. Eight pm would be better, in my opinion.

Now, for the second, more important comment: Soon, the month of February will be here. However, virtually all professional media people don't say "February." Instead, they say "Febuary." Some of these people are local (WQHR) broadcasters. If you will check the web for the book, "The uncommon reason of Digby Delgado," and see Chapter 2 (Words and phrases), this problem is explained clearly on page 18. I have two suggestions to resolve this issue: 1.), please ask each of your on-air staff to clearly say, "F E B R U A R Y"; or, 2.), please support my efforts to get the word changed officially to "Febuary."

Incidentally, please tell George Scheibner that he did a grand job with my recent Day Sponsor message. Thanks for running a great station (except for the Diane Rehm…[and] February problems).

Richard Brasie, a retired CBS News Washington, DC, Capitol Hill Correspondent, likes WHQR News during Morning Edition and All Things Considered:

WHQR News has become the best in the Wilmington radio market.  Unfortunately, AM and almost all the other FM stations because of economic and programming reasons, no longer send broadcast journalists to important events.  In some instances there is no local news. Michelle Bliss, and the other excellent staff members from the UNCW writing graduate school, know how to report, write well and deliver the story.  Especially, WHQR News presents in-depth news features on elections and other big news events. I appreciate public radio news very much because many years ago I learned the basics at Michigan State University public TV and radio news.

Listener Carol Cunningham wrote:

Have I missed something?  Is there a change in the schedule for Midday Café at 1 p.m.?

No, there has not been a change in Midday Cafe. Barring things like occasional holiday specials in the next few weeks, it will continue as before. On Tuesday of last week we were forced to evacuate our building due to a construction accident next door. Since it was impossible to do Midday Cafe live, we ran a syndicated hour of classical music. But that was exceptional.

Listener Jann Dunnington wrote:

I loved Annie Gray Johnston's commentary on children. It was actually [a case of] laugh-out-loud in my car.