Friday Feedback for December 2, 2011

Dec 2, 2011

Listener Paul from Oak Island is not a fan of Diane Rehm. He tweeted:

...sure do wish [Science Friday] was still 2-4pm! . . . thank goodness for podcasts!

And we had a similar message from Ron Cohen, but he prefers that her show

...should be dropped and music substituted. Less irrelevant and purposeless ventilation and more life-affirming music.

Listener Bob wrote what he called his “humble opinions”:

A year and a half ago I retired here from New York State and have enjoyed WHQR very much. A few comments: Love classical and jazz music. Favorite shows: Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me and Science Friday. Glad to hear Diane Rehm on the air, I know her work well from WRVO Syracuse. Just my own preference, I sort of miss [the program] “Says You.” Another preference, I’d rather listen to music than to the BBC at midnight. However, I do understand the impossibility serving all people all the time being the only public station in this smaller market. Keep up the good work.

Suzanne Wertman, a nurse-midwife from Wilmington, wrote:

Thanks for all you do! In my house, we love WHQR--its existence is one of the reasons we moved to Wilmington & one of the reasons we stay! But, please, when you pronounce [a certain] word … in your [announcements] for University Physicians, it's 'mid-WIFF-ery' not ‘mid-WHY-fery’.

A quick bit of research by our crackerjack staff revealed that the Oxford English Dictionary shows both pronunciations, and the Merriam-Webster New International shows only mid-WYE-fery. So, either or both can be correct in context, and of course whatever we do will be wrong for someone.

But since this is an underwriting message, we concluded that the most authoritative source is the underwriter, University Physicians, and we’ll go with their preference. And that is, as Suzanne wrote, mid-WIFF-ery.

Jim White of Oak Island wrote:

First, thanks for letting us be Day Sponsors [this week] in honor of our granddaughter. Second, I have been searching your website high and low to find out more information about the feature you had on yesterday about the origin of several Christmas tree customs. My wife and I were driving and didn't catch all of the broadcast. Any hints as to how we can get a transcript or hear the report again would be appreciated.

The segment Jim heard was a commentary by Shane Fernando, one of several local commentators from here in the community. We were a little late getting it on the website, but you can find it here.

Charlotte wrote about "Mozart's Sister," a recent film in our Cinematique series at Thalian Hall:

Loved this film. The photography and sets and costumes were fantastic. Learned something more of the times and limitations put on women. I never thought about the violin [not being] an instrument to be played by women. Also [I] gained insight into Mozart's family life. The children were exploited much like circus performers. Get more movies like this.

Jonathan Tedeton, a Science & Spanish Teacher at Brunswick County Early College High School, wrote:

I would just like to express how much I love your station! It gives me so much relevant information every morning as I'm driving to school. My students are constantly poking fun, because at least 5 times a week I tell them about something I heard on one of your shows. Thanks so much!