Friday Feedback for April 19, 2013

Apr 19, 2013

Jemila's back.

Jemila’s back. And her listeners couldn’t be happier.

Jemila Ericson has been on leave from her daily classical shift to care for her mother. But she’s coming back next week. During our recent fund drive, listener Perry Campbell said:

Jemila rocks.

William Gordon of Wilmington said:

Jemila deserves all accolades, but [I] also put in a stong vote for Pat Marriott.

And I’ll say amen to that. Heroic volunteer Pat stepped in to help out, along with extra effort by Bob Workmon, Rachel Lewis Hilburn and George Scheibner. Pat will return to Mondays only next week, and Jemila will return on Tuesday, April 23rd.

Richdell wrote on our website:

You replay the Classical Music morning set  from Ten PM to Midnight..Why Not replay Mid-Day Cafe From 11 Pm to Midnight..I sometimes miss the original Broadcast but would like to listen to it again.

Stinsojy wrote about Andy Wood's recent commentary on threats to water resources:

Andy, what's the solution?

RadioScanner wrote:

It is sad to see "Talk of the Nation" come to an end, but it is understandable. "Public" radio has lost its relevance in a nation that chooses to listen to the inflamed rhetoric of a lunatic fringe over balanced, informed and responsible discourse. I must confess that I have mostly abandoned my local public radio affiliate and this is the penultimate nail in the coffin. Fortunately, "Science Friday" will remain available to us via podcast.

And here's a comment from me. Podcasts are convenient for some people, no doubt about it. I truly hope that listeners realize that WHQR and other public radio stations continue to pay thousands of dollars for the right to broadcast network programs like Science Friday. We're happy to do it and listeners have been generous to us when we ask for support in campaigns like our recent one in March. But I hope that listeners who abandon radio for podcasts will remember that support from stations like ours is what makes those “free” podcasts possible.

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