Fine Arts In The Distancing Age Of COVID-19

Apr 13, 2020

Because of COVID-19 and social distancing regulations, theaters and concert halls are closed across most of the country. Here in the Cape Fear region all music venues, theaters, and galleries are shuttered. So painters and musicians are going virtual. WHQR visits with one artist who’s doing both.


Cammeron Batanides paints fast. 

She’s an artist who loves live music. She specializes in painting live shows – as they happen – in real time.

But for now, with music venues closed, the live music has gone virtual.

On this evening, she’s painting Talon Stamper and Larry Pinto as their performance is streaming live.

Batanides says musicians are eager to play virtually.

“They are. They really are. But I think that you can really see the value in the arts right now because the artists are the ones providing entertainment, not being paid except for tips and they just want people to be able to enjoy themselves and have music and art their lives. And I think that it definitely shows the value of the arts.”

And she says everyone can make a bit of money. Not what they would make for a normal gig in a music venue. But it’s something.

“Yes, they do. I'm asking everyone's Venmo and PayPal ahead of time so that I can have it scrolling at the bottom if anyone can or chooses to tip, but it's not required. We just really want to provide a bit of normalcy during this time and some entertainment where people can maybe look forward to, you know, making a nice meal for themselves or picking up good curbside, getting dressed up, dancing, whatever they want to do with it.”

Yes - she wants you all to dance and dress-up for the shows. Make it an event at home.

There are a growing number of virtual shows popping about around Wilmington. The Wilson Center teamed up with us – WHQR –for its Ghostlight Series. 

Other local artists use Facebook, or YouTube, and even the meeting app ZOOM, to keep on playing and staying engaged with the audience. 

Scroll to the bottom of the story, for some places you can visit to stream a show, or become part of one.

Vince Winkel, WHQR News.


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