FEMA Opening Disaster Recovery Center in Wilmington

Sep 26, 2018

FEMA, the Federal Emergency Management Agency, is opening a Disaster Recovery Center in Wilmington.  UPDATE: The center will open Sept. 28, at Independence Mall.      

If FEMA can’t help you, they can direct you to someone who can.

The list of things to do after a hurricane can be daunting, says Darrell Habisch. He’s in town with FEMA to help people get the support they need.

“Be sure to make a list, take photos because you'll need that for not only your insurance but also if you're eligible for FEMA disaster assistance. Part of that program is to register for FEMA Assistance at 800-621-3362 or you can go online to disasterassistance.gov.”

He says those who don’t want to file online or on the phone, will be able to come to the FEMA office in Wilmington and move forward with a FEMA staff person.

“FEMA basically gives you these immediate needs. We want you to begin the process today as soon as possible recovering, so get those insurance claims filed. If you need a house or need a roof over your head will let us know. These are things we can help you with. If you have mold growing, that's so important and so toxic, so if that's happening to your home or apartment today, you can't live there. Let us know and maybe there's assistance for you today.”

To register for FEMA Assistance call 800-621-3362 or you can go online to … disasterassistance.gov. The location of the FEMA center is Independence Mall.