Elections 2018: Janice Cavenaugh, Chris Morgan Eye Spots on NHC Board of Education

Apr 10, 2018

North Carolina’s primary election takes place on May 8th – when voters decide on candidates for the general election. Janice Cavenaugh and Christopher Morgan are running for the New Hanover County Board of Education.  Morgan is a newcomer, while Cavenaugh has served on the board for 25 years.

Janice Cavenaugh, who was first elected to the board in 1987 and has served continuously since 2002, says discipline remains a big issue in the county schools. As for neighborhood schools, she says that’s been her goal for 30 years. It remains a work in progress. Cavenaugh gives the board high marks when it comes to choice.

“I’m excited about all the choices that we give parents, whether it’s year-round schools, a magnet school, a school of engineering, a Spanish immersion school, now we’ve got Mandarin at Williston, we’ve got international baccalaureate at Hoggard. We have a marine science program. And I think we need to give parents as many choices as possible, for their child to be educated.”

Christopher Morgan is running for the first time. The military veteran retired from working in the county school system last November. With two boys currently enrolled in the public schools, he’s concerned.

“I’m very familiar and empathetic toward the teachers, and standard course of study and common core. And I’m also interested, especially since the February incident in Florida, in safety within our schools. I have two young children. I have one at Bellamy Elementary and my oldest son is at Murray Middle School, and so with my military background with force protection and situational awareness I feel like I could be a real plus to the board in making some very important decisions.”

Early voting in New Hanover County begins April 19. 

Listen to extended interviews below: 

Janice Cavenaugh interview

Christopher Morgan interview