Communique: "Thumos Project" Engages Veterans In Community Based Projects

Jul 26, 2016

A Wilmington-based organization called Thumos Project is a group of veterans and civilians dedicated to assisting veterans and their families. One aspect of support offered is Agri-therapy, with the aim of creating sustainable development through agriculture. Working the land is acknowledged as intrinsically meaningful work and as a gift to the community. For instance, one of Thumos Project's recent initiatives is Clean Garden for Kids, growing crops with the Boys & Girls Club

Jose Herrara, a Marine Veteran and CEO of Thumos Project, tells us more. Listen above. 

Herrara's message to combat veterans: "This is not a physical war back home. But there is a sense of service, there is a sense of purpose which requires your skill set."

The definition of  the Greek word"thumos" from Wikipedia is spiritedness, a physical association with breath or blood, and is also used to express the human desire for recognition.