Communique: Performer With Autism Works Against Anxiety & Low Self-Esteem Through Comedy

Dec 12, 2016

Allon performing as The Onceler in Dr. Seuss' "The Lorax" with Theatre for All over the the summer.
Credit Dylan Patterson/Theatre for All

Allon Nir was diagnosed with high-functioning autism when he was 26 years old; up until that point, doctors weren't sure what to make of him. Allon reflects on his condition and why he loves comic performing, even though performing might seem like the last thing he would want to do. Comedy can be especially brutal to the self-esteem, but comedy is Allon's favorite genre.

"A Winter's Journey" by Theatre for All. Tuesday, 12/13 @ 7:00pm, Theatre Now (10th and Dock Streets) downtown. Free.

Allon joined Theatre for All, Wilmington, North Carolina's only performance group for people with disabilities, in January this year. His 3rd performance with the group is tonight (Tuesday) at Theatre Now at 7:00pm. The show is called The Winter Journey. While Allon plays various parts, his favorite is playing Sara in a scene based on Jimmy Fallon's "Eww" sketch. Listen above to hear Allon talk about the show.

Allon also talked about what autism feels like to him. Listen to this Web Extra below:

Theatre for All, Spring 20016. Allon is on the far right in the back row.
Credit Dylan Patterson/Theatre for All