Communique: Nuclear Science Week @ UNCW | October 20-22

Oct 5, 2016

Nuclear Science Week promotes nuclear science and celebrates its achievements. The event was launched by The National Museum of Nuclear Science and History in 2010 in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Each year since, Nuclear Science Week has been held in a different city; this year, the city is Wilmington, North Carolina.

Derek Bass & Melanie Roberts

The chair of the event is Derek Bass, a system engineer with GE Hitachi. The event coordinator is Melanie Roberts, who is a Nuclear Operations Technician at Duke Energy. Derek and Melanie joined us to talk about Nuclear Science Week; listen above.

The three-day event is jam-packed with activity. Some highlights include a tour of GE Hitachi (registration open through 10/7), technology expo, 2 films (Pandora's Promise and Our Friend the Atom), and 4 panel discussions: The Many Roles of Nuclear Science & Technology, Nuclear-Clean Air Energy, The Atom in Healthcare, and Nuclear in Our Community. See the full schedule