Communique: Father Navigates Loss Through Theatre | "Inside Job" Explores Heroin Addiction

Jan 9, 2017

Ken Vest retired from television news; he retired to Wilmington with his family in 2015. He studied Drama and English Literature at Texas State University, and he's a writer and actor. When tragedy struck his family 5 years ago, Ken turned to theatre as one way to move through grief - and to help others. In October, he successfully raised enough funds to produce the play he wrote: Inside Job.

The play Ken wrote is not biographical, but it draws heavily on his own experience. The father in the play is the main driver of the plot because of his near obsession with discovering the details about his son's heroin overdose, and ultimately, he seeks revenge for his son's death. Ken explains the source for this character in his own approach to the nebulous arena of unexpected loss.

The first staged reading of the play is in February in Washington, DC and a staged reading for Wilmington is being planned for the summer.