Communique On Communique: A New Way To Request Interviews

Nov 20, 2017

Communique is WHQR's feature about arts, events, and ideas in our area.  I'm your host, Gina Gambony, and I have news about how to request or share an idea for an interview... this form

WHQR has offered local interviews for many years. These used to air only at midday and they were generally live. We introduced "Communique" in the summer of 2016: interviews are recorded, edited, and produced, and we are now able to air these interviews several times a day. We often include online transcripts now so people can read the longer conversation.

More people hear these community discussions than ever before-and more people write to request a spot.

This is wonderful! But it does lead to email overload. Because the bulk of my work is interviewing/editing/correcting/publishing these stories, it can be difficult to manage the increasing amount of email requests. So we have a new way to invite interview ideas and requests:  this form

The great thing about the form is that it nearly instantly organizes dated events. It also makes it easier to see when two (or three, or four) people are making requests for the same event. I'm excited to have a new production assistant, Lindsay Wright, and using the forms allows us both to organize contacts by request date and, in the case of events, by deadline.

So send in your ideas or requests-as soon as your event is confirmed or the art is dry-using the new form. If we can't get you in, please write again. And if you have any questions or difficulties using the form, please let me know-send an email with questions or concerns to