College leaders quantify support role for Titan Cement

Mar 4, 2013

When UNCW Chancellor Gary Miller and Cape Fear Community College President Ted Spring get together, they look for mutually beneficial ways to solve what they call their intractable problems.  They also explore avenues of economic growth for the region, which includes preparing students for a constantly evolving workplace. 

WHQR’s Rachel Lewis Hilburn recently asked them for their view of a healthy approach to growth in the region – and whether a Titan Cement plant is part of that.

A UNCW Professor of Business recently published an economic impact study blasting Titan’s potential contribution  – and in fact – concluding that Titan could very well have negative economic consequences for the region. 

But Chancellor Miller says his job is to avoid taking a position and remain what he calls an honest broker.

“We are here as well to support economic growth and one of the big assets for companies moving into this area is that we have this community college and the university.  And what we try to do and do, I think, very effectively.  We help economic development groups present the package that they’re using to attract industry.”

President Spring of CFCC says a large part of his mission is work force development.

“We are here to work with industries that come and seek our advice.  Businesses will locate in the community where they find educational services.  Businesses are unlikely, in today’s environment, to locate where they can’t find employees -- trained employees.  So Wilmington is very well-positioned with the University and the community college.”